Kahu NZ (formerly Frontier Helicopters) are based in Whakatane, New Zealand and specialise in scenic helicopter tours, commercial support, flight training and private charters. 

Kahu NZ is a family run business which has been operating since 1998. Kahu NZ is a division of the Frontier Group New Zealand, and operates throughout New Zealand, Western Pacific and other Countries. Our White Island Volcano Adventure is operated by Kahu NZ, departing from the Whakatane Airport.

This tour is one of the most iconic tours of New Zealand and regularly referred to as:

the best two hours in New Zealand!


Mark and Anna Law lead a team of professional staff who manage and administer the entire operations of our commercial aerial work. Our pilots are friendly, safe and professional and most have worked their way up through the company from leaning to fly, to commercial pilots and managers. Our staff are local and have intimate knowledge of the area, the people and our activities offered.


Kahu NZ was started by Mark and Anna Law, recovering feral deer from the NZ Wilderness for export in 1998. The company has since expanded to undertake a variety of aerial work, flight training, scenic flights and helicopter adventures. In 2009 we purchased Vulcan Helicopters, which was the original helicopter company to fly vistiors to White Island commencing in 1987. Kahu NZ continue to operate the exclusive license to White Island from Whakatane, flying and guiding over 1000 passengers annually.

Health and Safety

Safety is core to the success of our business at Kahu NZ. Individually we strive to ensure personal standards are maintained to the highest level so collectively our business remains strong, safe, reliable and profitable.


Airbus AS350 Type Aircraft

Commonly referred to as ‘the Squirrel’ or 'A-Star', this machine is a modern, 5 passenger seat open cockpit aircraft allows all passengers unencumbered, panoramic views. The Squirrel is an extremely versatile helicopter, lending itself effortlessly to luxury tourism and commercial work alike.

Length: 10.93m (35 ft 10.5 in)
Maximum speed: 287 km/h (155 knots, 178 mph)
Cruise speed: 224 km/h (120 knots, 138 mph)

Power-plant: Turbomeca Arriel 1B Turboshaft engine, power output of 520 kW (700 hp) and weighing only 109 kg or 240lb.

Robinson R44 – Raven II Type Aircraft

Often referred to as the ‘Robbie’, the R44 is a reliable three passenger, open view cockpit helicopter catering for smaller agricultural and tourism needs. Nimble enough to navigate through some of the most dynamic landscapes, the Robbie caters perfectly for smaller groups of up to three passengers. Our R44 aircraft are fitted with emergency 'pop-out' floats and clip on 'pods' for extra gear.

Length: 9.0m (21 ft 5 in)
Maximum speed: 240 km/h (130 knots, 150 mph)
Cruise speed: 200 km/h (110 knots, 130 mph)

Power-plant: Lycoming I0-540-AE1A5 6 cylinder, flat engine with fuel injection. 245 Bhp